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Introducing The James Joyce Band

The band plays a popular mix of the very best traditional folk music from Ireland, Scotland, England and America. Songs and dance tunes for listening, chatting and Ceilidh Barn dancing.

We play for weddings, parties, corporate evenings and country hostelries.

We play mandolins, guitars, flute, whistles, bodhran and washboard. James is our singer and multi instrumentalist, Yvette is our very own dance caller and percussionist, Steve is our lead and rhythm guitarist.

The James Joyce Band has everything to make your party or wedding evening swing.

The Tourmore Polkas - James Joyce
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The Third Kerry Polka - James Joyce
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Everyone needs a rest now and then  from music 


Pine Kitchen Dresser 2020 


With Steve and Yvette in UK

With Rainer and Uwe in Germany 

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