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The Closed Mic Session is sadly closed due to Covid 



The Closed Mic Session is now in it's ninth year and continues to serve up some great music. Why "Closed" you may ask and the answer is simple. I set it up only for the people I teach to give those who wish a chance to perform, with a full PA set up, in public, for family, friends and anyone who rambles in. This is the very best way to build up confidence in your own playing, to get used to the pressures of performing and to work towards playing in groups.


All styles of music are welcome and all abilities once you have a minimum of three songs or instrumentals.


We run a Session once each term on a Friday evening at English Martyrs school in Oakham. The modest entrance fee is £3.00 per adult to help us with expenses. Come along to play or just listen. 


So the way it works is this:

If you would like to take part I will ask you to pick three songs (any songs) and to play them for me in class. I don't expect perfection but I do insist on three finished pieces, your very best work. We can then work them in class until we're happy and ready to perform. Once that's sorted  I will book you in on one of our evenings. What you can learn from this experience is the discipline of  gigging. That means having your music and your instrument ready, approaching the job in a professional way and learning to cope with different sounds, different venues and a bunch of strange people looking at you. My aim is to keep it all very relaxed and friendly but we still have to do the job.


I try to set up a Session once each term, on a Friday, but I have to keep it flexible due to our gigging commitments and other events at our venue. 

So each session I will put out the word through our email newsletter and then it's up to you to mail me back if you'd like to play. I will then put a programme together to give the maximum number of players a chance to perform. I will try to give priority to new players but you can ask as often as you wish. I will try to fit you in, (if you're the only one who mails you get to do the whole night!).

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