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Joining the Wuss 'n Boots Guitar Club
What do I need to get started?
  1. A guitar, of course! If you can, buy from a shop with people who can help you pick a good one. If you're just starting out go for a classical acoustic guitar. It will have nylon strings which are easier on your fingers. Later on we can work with electrics and steel string acoustics. They all have six strings and a neck and they are all tuned and play the same way. The only difference is the sound. 

  2. A Wuss 'n Boots tutorial folder. This has all the music and the 'How To' stuff you'll need to get to the first gig. As we go along I will give you more music, scales and all sorts which you can add to the folder, keep it all neat and ready for gigging. The cost for this folder is £15.00. As we move on the idea is that some of the pages, as they are learned, can be removed and stored to make way for songs we wish to add in. This will give us great flexibility and choice. All new students will be required to have a copy of this folder so that we can begin to use it with the practice diary

  3. A Wuss 'n Boots practice diary. This is very important, you must have a diary so that I / you can write in our work and keep a track of your progress. People who work with a diary move faster!


The Rock Chord Page 1 .jpg
Pentatonic Scale Minor in A Two Patterns .jpg
Major Scales Open in C  G  D .jpg
Major Scale in C Pattern 1 Four Sets.jpg
Wuss n Boots How to Play Guitar.jpg
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