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Teaching Resources

There are great resources out there to help you learn guitar. I have spent a lot of time gathering together and creating my own resources for you so you don't have to. 

Lead & Chord sheets

A lead and chord sheet will just have the lyrics of a song and the chords to accompany it. You will use this when you already know the song from listening. Just click on any of the headings below to see a full list of the ones I have. If you don't see something you would like to try, just ask me. The songs are split into six categories shown below. Click on the titles below to open the list as a PDF.

Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks are brilliant for practicing over. Some I have recorded to match particular songs. Others I have done are great for working the scales. Ask me about them or email for a particular one and I will send it to you. Click here MP3 Backing Tracks for the complete listing of backing tracks I have available right now. 

Music  Written with "Finale" Software 


Here is the complete list of all the music I have written up in Finale.  This is a software programme with which to write and play back music notation.  

Click on the title to open the list as a PDF; 

Music Recording Software

Using digital software to record yourself is a wonderful learning tool. You would need to connect your guitar (if it has a pickup) to your computer, load the software and record your masterpiece. This is an important part of learning - being able to record and listen back or play lead melody lines over drum loops. Do ask me if you need more guidance on how it works.

Try this free software called Audacity  -


Here's a useful metronome which you can download to your computer / laptop


Here's a tuner. Ensure it's set for Guitar and Standard tuning. As long as you have an input device (a microphone input on your computer) it will work well -

Books & Music Shops

While you will find a great selection of books and music in your local music shop and I thoroughly recommend the ones in our area. If you can, always shop local first. If you support them, they will support you.


The Music Shops

There may be times you can't get there or what we are looking for is more specialist. Then I recommend Based here in the UK I have found their selection and service to be very good. I have listed below the main tutorial books we use - head to the site should you wish to buy them.

Tutorial Books. If they are no longer available at Musicroom try Amazon. 

  • 21st Century Guitar Method Book 1 by Aaron Stang

  • 21st century Guitar method Book 2 by Aaron Stang

  • Blues Solos for Acoustic Guitar by Johnny Norris

  • Beginning Bass Guitar by David Overthrow


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