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After School Hours
       Terms and Conditions for Teaching.


Please note there are three categories with some variations to pricing etc.

For Primary School Lessons see below.

For School Based Lessons after school hours Click Here.

For Private teaching at my home Click here.


Terms and Conditions for Primary School Teaching.


These are the terms and conditions under which I offer my services in primary schools. A copy of these terms will be issued (by email), with a contract to the parent of guardian of any child who wishes to take lessons. One copy of the contract and terms must be held for your records.

These terms must be read and understood in conjunction with the issued contract. By accepting and paying for a series of lessons the parent/guardian of the child declares that the terms and conditions are understood, accepted and agreed to.


I will require a working email address and a backup phone number for one parent or guardian of each pupil. These will be kept on my database while the pupil attends lessons.


The school year will be divided into three terms; Autumn, Spring and Summer. Working from the term dates outlined by the local authority and each school I will decide how many lessons I can offer in a particular term and will invoice accordingly.

Please note no allowances can be made for pupils attending other eg. private schools and who may have different terms periods. I work from the council dates.


The fee for individual lessons of 1/2 hour will be £13.50 per lesson.

Group lessons of two students for 1/2 hour will be £7.60 per student per lesson. 

Individual lessons or 20 minute duration (if available) will be charged at £9.50 per lesson.

Please note that some of the above lesson types may not be available due to space and schedule limitations and matching students by ability.


Contracts and terms issued at the beginning of a course of lessons will cover all subsequent lessons. Any alterations to the terms and conditions will be notified to the parent/guardian of each student.

Invoices will be issued at the beginning of each term and fees are payable within two weeks. Any fees still outstanding after three weeks will cause the lessons for that pupil to be suspended until payment is received.

On request and at my discretion  the fee for a term may be divided in to two payments. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to James Joyce) or may also be made directly to my bank account. Details will be included with invoices. 


The fee invoiced is payable in full. No allowance will be made for any pupil who cannot attend lessons for whatever reasons ( family holidays etc.) .

Fees for lessons which I cannot give due to eg. illness will be refunded or credited. Should a pupil be unable to attend due to eg. long term illness or injury fees will be returned at my discretion.

I expect pupils to be well behaved, attentive and willing to learn. Pupils disrupting lessons for others will not be tolerated and may be dismissed from the class. Should I deem it necessary to withdraw my offer to teach a particular student my decision on the matter is final and any fees for lessons not given will be refunded. 

I expect all students to attend their lessons with their guitar, tutorial books, any other music I have given and their practice diary. Pupils tasks and progress will be noted in the diary and I urge parents to review it regularly.

Over the course of the school year it is inevitable that pupils will miss the occasional lesson due to other school activities, exams, illness etc. I will always try to make up these lessons at another time but can only do so within the time allocated to a particular school. From long experience this usually works out well and pupils do get their full complement of lessons.  However please note there is no guarantee, I can only do my best within the range of school activities. If any parent has a concern on this issue the only real alternative is to look for lessons for your child outside of the school day.  


Terms and Conditions for Teaching at schools after School Hours.

The terms and conditions to cover these lessons will be the same as those noted above. The lesson types offered and the cost structure will be different due to additional expenses and is shown below. 

Lessons to students after school hours are offered only on an individual basis. Only in exceptional circumstances will I carry on with a group lesson of two even if that were the practice during primary school lessons. Experience shows that more advanced students need individual lessons if they are to progress further.

Fees for Monday Evening 4.00pm to 8.00pm;

30 minute solo lesson will be charged at £15.00 per lesson.


Terms and Conditions for Private Home Teaching.

Contracts and copies of these terms will be issued for each new pupil.  Please keep a copy of each document for your records. By accepting a lesson space and attending lessons each pupil  and/or parent/guardian declares that the terms and conditions have been read, understood and are accepted.

Lessons are offered only on an individual basis for 1/2 hour. The fee per lesson is £12.00 payable at each lesson. A fee of £10.00 will be charged for lessons not attended, for whatever reason. This will be payable at the following lesson.

Private lessons run throughout the year, including half term breaks. The only exceptions to this are two weeks over Christmas, one week over Easter and two weeks in late August. They do not follow any of the school terms as these will vary between counties. The fee of £10.00 will therefore be payable for any missed lessons irrespective of half term breaks etc. The only time this fee is waived is for the duration of the summer school holidays as defined by the Leicestershire authority. I continue to offer lessons over most of the summer holiday but only charge for lessons attended.

Pupils must attend lessons with their guitar, tutorial books, music I have given and a practice diary. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons whenever they wish. Adequate space is available.

Pupils under the age of ten may not attend lessons unless accompanied ( for the complete lesson) by a parent or guardian.

If I deem it necassary to withdraw my offer to teach a pupil, for whatever reason (behaviour issues, lack of commitment etc) my decision in the matter will be final. I will however always forwarn parents/guardians of any problems.


Private Home Teaching
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