And what better way to set the atmosphere than our live band with a selection of the best "music you can to talk to" since Adam invited Eve down the pub.The music we play ( at the volume you decide) grew up in country inns and houses where people gathered to sport and play in a time long ago before TV brought us the joy of sitting at home in misery.We have all the old songs from Whiskey in the Jar to Loch Lomond and back. All the tunes for Ceilidh dancing (which Yvette, our dancing mistress, will step you through). We have the music if you bring the conversation, the friends and the ale.

Have a look through our Videos, Check out the Set Lists and then Contact Us to see if we can make your party an evening of advanced jollification.

Parties and general knees up operations, where do we start?

Birthday celebrations, Family get togethers, Anniversaries, Village fund raisers and Country pub gigs

   Parties and Country Pubs

                         "Music You Can Talk To"