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Learning Guitar with Jim Joyce - the

Wuss 'n Boots Guitar Club

When I was twelve I acquired an old box with some strings on it from my uncle and a sweet old lady who taught piano at the school showed me a few chords. After a few weeks she told me to go a find some music I wanted to play. When I turned up with "Jumpin Jack Flash" by The Stones our relationship cooled. She disappeared shortly afterwards but that lady, God Bless her, gave me the joy of playing music and it's kept me sane ever since.

My aim in teaching is to pass on that joy, the fun of making and sharing music.

That's not to say there isn't a lot of work and effort involved. Without commitment and perseverance there is no result (except disappointment). For those who wish to do grades I am happy to help but I do not insist on pupils taking exams. I want you to master the guitar whether as accompaniment to your singing, to play in a band, or an orchestra or just for your own pleasure. I encourage everyone to set their own standards and strive to be the best that they can. It's not a competition.

To build experience and to give the opportunity of group playing I run a Music Session once each month, only for the people I teach - click here for details on The Closed Mic Session.

Quite a few of my students have joined us for our professional gigs.


I have played music professionally for over 25 years, both here in the UK and in Germany (see the site for more details) and  have been teaching here in the Melton area since 1998. I am a member of The Musicians Union and carry all the relevant insurances and CRB certificates.


I teach all styles on acoustic and electric guitar from beginner to intermediate, and teach rock, blues, jazz and fingerstyle on to advanced level.  I teach using a combination of excellent tutorial books which I have found over the years, arrangements I have written of well known songs in all styles and backing tracks which I have recorded and make available to students.


If you would like more details and a free introductory lesson ring me on  07858 479 465 or email me;

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