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The James Joyce Band

Ceilidh and Folk song Set Lists


Here you will find  songs and dance music from Ireland, Scotland, England and America. The songs we have learned from great bands like The Dubliners, The Pogues and Planxty.  The dance music is classic jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes to accompany fine old Ceilidh and Barn dances.

 Songs and Ballads.


I'll Tell me Ma - a Belfast street song

The Irish Rover - the poor dog drowns

Whiskey in the Jar - highway robbery

The Leaving of Liverpool - the sailor's away

Dirty Old Town - from the great Ewan McColl

The Ballad of Molly Malone - alive alive oh

The Ballad of Jesse James - gunslinger gone bad

John Barleycorn - the finest Scotch whisky

The Black Velvet Band - off to Van Diemans Land

Johnny I hardley Knew Ye - The soldier returns

The Wild Rover - enough said!

Sally MacLennane - Classic Pogues

Dicey Reilly - and Classic Dubliners

The Spanish Lady - more classic

The Drunken Sailor - the old Shanty

Loch Lomond - Scottish lament

The Galway Girl - From Steve Earle 

Billy The Kid - another dead gunslinger

The Pub With No Beer - how sad can a song be?

The Ballad of John Henry - Steel driving man

The Green Fields of France - Classic from Eric Bogle

The New York Gals - A sailor in port with money

Dublin in the Rare Old Times - changing times

The Fields of Athenry - another bound for Australia

The Fairytale of New York - Shane McGowan

Fiddlers Green - The singing of Barney McKenna

Flower of Scotland - rugby and other wars

The Finding of Moses - form Zozimus

Arthur McBride - The recruiting sergeant 

The Road to Dundee - Old Scottish ballad

The Star of the County Down - Bantry Bay to Derry Quay

The Lark in the Morning - The ploughboy

Murshin Durkin  - an old Cork Ballad

The Wild Colonial Boy - terror to Australia

The Jolly Beggar - Scottish king out walking

McAlpines Fusiliers - The men who built the M1

The Mountains of Mourne - from Co. Down

Spancil Hill  - from Co Clare

Tim Finnegans Wake - The Man who never died 

Seven Drunken Nights - trouble back home

The Banks of the Roses - my love and I sat down

The Cliffs of Dooneen - from Clare again

All For me Grog - Scottish drinking song 

The Good Ship Kangaroo - the sailor returns

The Zoological Gardens - in the Phoenix Park

The Raggle Taggle Gypsies - and the lady of the manor

Navigator- classic Pogues 


 Dance Tunes and Instrumentals


The Three Kerry Polkas - Irish Polkas

The Frieze Britches - Irish Jig

The Harvest Home / Boys of Bluehill - hornpipes

Saddle the Pony / The Rakes of Mallow - jig and reel

The Dashing White Sergeant - Scottish dance tune

Merrily Kissed the Quaker - jig

The Skattery Island Slides

The Teetotaller / The Maid Behind the Bar - Irish reels

Cole Youngers Polka  - American Polka

The Irish Washerwoman - jig

Madame Bonaparte  - Irish Set Dance

The Atholl Highlanders - Scottish jig

The Hare in the Corn / Frost is all Over - Irish jigs

Ragtime Annie / St Anns reel - American Hornpipe / Reel

The Belfast Hornpipe

Shi Beag Shi Mhor - O'Carolan Air

The Jolly Beggar reel

Morrisons - jig

The Fair Maid of Whickham / Squire of Bensham - Northumbrian jigs

The Rocky Road to Dublin  - Irish slip jig

Lord Inchquin - Irish Air

The Green Meadows / Junior Crehans - Irish reels

Rose in the Heather / The Blackthorn Stick  - Irish reels

The Seneca Square Dance - American dance tune

The Nine Points of Roguery  - Irish reel

The Cock of the North / Miss McLeods - Scottish jig / reel 

Calliope House / Tripping up the Stairs - English / Irish jigs

The Rights of Man - Irish Set dance.

Jimmy Allen / Bonny Lad / Buttered Peas - Northumbrian polkas

The King of the Fairies - Irish set dance

The Clare Jig / Out on the Ocean / The Kesh  - Irish jigs

The Battle of Aughrim - Irish set dance

Carolan's Draught - O'Carolan Air

Off to California - hornpipe

The Road to Lisdoonvarna / O'Keefes - Irish slides

The Star of Munster - Irish reel

Humphreys Hornpipe

Cripple Creek / Old Joe Clark - American oldtime

Planxty Irwin - Turlough O'Carolan

Father O'Flynn - Irish jig.

Nancy - Northumbrian tune

The Lark in the Morning - English jig.

The Ship in Full Sail / The Connacht mans Rambles - jigs

The Persian Lamb Rag - American

Carrigfergus - Irish air 

Kevin Burkes Polkas

The Tourmore Polkas


 So there you have it. Songs for drinking and and general jollity. Dance tunes to step the night away. I hope there's lots here that you'd like to hear.

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