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  Wedding Celebrations.

If you would like something special for your wedding celebration why not consider a Ceilidh.

This is a wonderful way to bring your two familes and all your friends together.

A big country dance where everyone can take part.


We have been playing our Ceilidh band for over twenty years for wedding evenings. Yvette, our dancing mistress, will don the head set, come and join you and your guests on the floor to show the steps and call the dance. While Steve and I trip out dance tunes from all round these Isles.


It's all about having fun, trying to remember which way to turn next, trying to dip under an arch made by two little people and wondering which of your left feet is actually the left.

Getting in a tangle is part of the joy.



And it's not all about dancing. We have all the old favourite songs to tap along to while having a break and a drink. It's a mix of jigging around, chatting with old friends and joining in the general jollity.


Have a look at some of our Videos,

scan the Set Lists, then Contact us for more information on how we can help to make your wedding evening a memorable and a swinging affair.



Dear James and the Band, Thanks a million for making our day. Thanks to Yvette for guiding us through. Everyone said it was a ball.

Cheers  Steve and Claire

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