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The software I use for recording is made by Cubase. It's built for Windows and Mac systems and comes in various forms ( for various prices.) You will find some of the basic starter versions will be packaged with usb interfaces. This means you can connect your guitar (provided it has a pickup) directly to your computer load the software and record your first masterpiece. This again is an important part of learning, being able to record and listen back to your own playing, to play  lead melody lines over rhythm tracks you have recorded and to be able to record over drum loops. I will show you in class how the whole thing works.



If you fancy trying a free software which works quite well  try Audacity


Here's a link to a useful metronome which you can download to your computer or laptop


And here is a tuner. Make sure it is set for Guitar and Standard tuning and , as long as you have an input device ( a microphone input on your computer) it will work well.





Finale Music Writing Software         Books, Music and all the Bits


Cakewalk Recording Software


Backing Tracks and Mp3          Lyric Lead and Chord Sheets


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