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          In addition to the tutorial books we use I also supply students with arrangements of popular songs and instrumentals. I have written and collected a large body of music in various formats, sheet music, mp3 files etc and I will supply these to students as we progress. These will all be sent via email as this is the only way I can currently share the music.

         I do ask parents to please tell me if they have any problems downloading or opening files.

I ask all students to have a plastic wallet folder to store the sheet music and I suggest they have a folder on either an Ipod type player or a home computer to store and listen to any mp3 files. This is the very best way to master the instrument, combining tutorial material with songs we know and wish to play.

        To write up the music I use a software programme called Finale. This is a professional software programme designed specifically for learning. Students can download to their own computer a free basic version of the full software. This will allow them to open, to print and to listen to "mus" type files which I will send via email. It's an ideal tool for practicing. I will show students in class how it all works.

To download the free reader click on this link;

        All the details will be found on this site. When downloading first choose your system, either, Windows or Mac. You will be asked for a valid email address which is fine. Annoyingly, each time you open the software it will ask you to register. Since you have already signed in this is unnecessary. To get rid of it just click "remind me later". Having used this programme for over ten years I have found it to be safe so I can recommend it to all my students.


                         Here is the complete list of all the music

                                           I have written up in Finale.

                                   Click on the icon to open the list as a Pdf

                                                                       which you can print out.








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