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A lead and chord sheet will just have the lyrics of a song and the chords to accompany it. You will use this when you already know the song from listening.

Just click on any of the category headings to see a full list.


Remember if you don't see a particular song I may have written it up in Finale. Click Here to go back and check. When you see something you want to learn email me or ask me in class. I will then email it or bring it to the next class and we will get to work. 


The songs are split into six categories shown below. Click on the icon beside each title to open the list as a Pdf which you can print out.




Backing Tracks are brilliant for practicing over.

Some I have recorded to match particular songs. Others I have done are great for working the scales. Ask me about them in class or mail for a particular one and I will send it to you. This is the only way I can give you these mp3's at the moment.


Click on the Pdf link below for the complete listing of current backing tracks.





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