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Wuss n Boots Guitar Club

Meet Wuss 'n Boots and Mr J








So let's get rolling. On this page you will find links and information on everything you need to learn the guitar. Whether you fancy being the next Rock Goddess, the next great Rhythm man, a Singer/ Songwriter backing yourself on guitar or the new Classical Maestro it's all here. Or maybe you just love music and playing guitar for the joy of it all. 


Those two strange looking guys up there are Wuss 'n Boots. The one in the middle is me. Wuss 'n Boots came to life in the wild imagination of Ruth Joyce and started playing in a rock band "I'm Sure That Ain't Legal". The band broke up and now the guys help me out with the teaching. That is when they're not rambling round London, where they live, commenting on the madness and the chaos.  Check out Ruth's artwork at


So the first thing you need is a guitar, obviously. Take my advice and buy from a shop, a real shop with real people who can help you pick a good one. A real shop that will give you back up and service. Click here for a list of the local shops. If you buy off the internet you take your chances. If you're just starting out I always say go for a classical acoustic guitar. That will have nylon strings which are easier on your fingers at the beginning. Later on we can work with electrics and steel string acoustics. They all have six strings and a neck and they are all tuned and play the same way. The only difference is the sound.






















Then once we get rolling we will start to use some of this software and music listed here. Click on any of these links to check out all the stuff we can use to help us along.



Finale Music Writing Software         Books, Music and all the Bits


Cakewalk Recording Software


Backing Tracks and Mp3          Lyric Lead and Chord Sheets



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Once you've got the axe the next thing you will need is one of these 

The is the tutorial folder which we will use to get started. It has all the music and the How To stuff  we need to get to the first gig. As we go along I will give you more music, scales and all sorts which you can add to the folder, keep it all neat and ready for gigging. The cost for this folder is £15.00.

There are other books we also use depending on which musical direction you take. I will recommend ones as we progress. 

The final thing you will need is one of our Wuss n Boots practice diaries. This is very important, you must have a diary so that I can write in our work and we keep a track of your progress. People who work with a diary move faster.


     Click on the folder for more details

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